1. Where can I print out my training resources?

Student can print their assessments at the reception area, student will incur a fee to print the documents. Please refer to Fee and Charge policy for more information

2. What should I do if my personal has changed?

 Student must fill in the Amendment to Personal Details form and hand it at BLTI reception area. 

You can find the form at BLTI service desk or on BLTI website under how to apply --> Forms --> Amendment to Personal Details form 

3. If I would like to defer or cancel my study, what should I do?

Student must fill in the Course Variation Form and provide support documents accordingly to one of BLTI student services representative. 

You can find the form at BLTI service desk or on BLTI website under how to apply --> Forms --> Course Variation Form

4. How can I apply for a refund?

Student must fill in the “Refund Form” and please refer to the Refund policy for more information

You can find the form at BLTI service desk or on BLTI website under how to apply --> Forms --> Refund Policy and application form

5. How do I get an exemption or credit transfer?

The Institute recognises qualifications or training outcomes from other Registered Training Organisations. If you have completed units of competency through another training provider you may be eligible for a credit transfer or an exemption. You will need to provide evidence and discuss this with your lecturer.

The credit tranfer application form is available at BLTI service desk or on BLTI website

6. How do I go about appealing my results?

There is a procedure for students who wish to appeal an academic result and undertake a re-assessment. Academic Result Appeal Application forms are available at the reception. A form needs to be lodged to initiate the result appeal procedure. More details about these procedures can be obtained from your lecturer or your Portfolio Manager. 

7. How do I access my student records?

All students are able to enquire about their records at any time during normal office hours. You will need to identify yourself with your ID card before any information is released

8. How do I apply for a reissue of my qualification?

If you require a reissue of your qualification, you will need to contact BLTI Administration services. Please note: You will be charged a fee for this service

9. How do I apply for my statement of attainment?

If you have only partially completed a qualification you are entitled to a "Statement of Attainment", please contact BLTI receptionist 1 300 489 877

10. I am thinking of dropping out, what should I do?

There may be times that you feel like giving up on your course and just 'dropping out'. There are all sorts of reasons for feeling this way, such as:

  • The course is not right for me;

  • The level is too hard; the workload is too great;

  • I have money problems; or

  • I have personal problems which are affecting my study.

Before you decide to leave your course, have a chat with your lecturer, Course Information Services or Student Services. There may be ways to get around or reduce your problem such as:

  • transferring to another course,

  • reducing your workload, or

  • Managing your time better.

Our staff are very experienced at dealing with these issues and suggesting alternate strategies and they would love to help.

If you finally decide to stop attending classes, and wish to withdraw from a module or course, you should inform your lecturer as soon as possible after making your decision.

Withdrawal Application form is available at BLTI reception and website

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