Bendigo Livous Training Institute has followed this 6 steps- process to comply with ASQA requires regarding the RTO industry Consultation.


1. Appoint an industry consultation coordinator/s


2. Identify the main purpose of conducting the consultation


  • BLTI would like to have feedback as to the type of electives to include or to check if our assessments are valid - reflecting the current workplace and if our marking guide reflects good practice in industry.

  • Ask industry about the current or emerging trends we need to be aware of to inform our training and assessment practices.

  • Moreover, we also want to strengthen relationships with industry to improve work placements, to create confidence in our training and assessment and improve our brand as an RTO, to encourage greater collaboration and invite industry experts to provide master classes to students and staff or to visit their workplace to familiarise ourself with an advanced technology unaffordable for our RTO.


3. Develop a list of potential industry contacts

Our list of industry consultants include companies who are well regarded, small and medium enterprises not just large ones, a cross section of industry who will benefit from your students being well trained.


Cross- benefits between BLTI and the industry consultants:


4. Addressing skills shortages

Better skilled workers

Having input to training to make it more responsive and relevant

An opportunity to give back

Access to good/ known candidates when recruiting

Opportunity for them to network with other industry professionals

Promoting their industry to future employees/ clients



5. Formally invite from BLTI

We send an invitation to the contacts in our industry list to participate in one or more industry consultation activities.  These include:


A face to face round table meeting

- visiting our facilities and viewing our students' input efforts

- we encourage participation from all members and who is open to the ideas presented by industry

- discussing about VET sector

- Take minutes! to record and use for future planning and assessment validation.


Online survey

- send out online survey

print out the survey and visit people in their workplaces

- BLTI will share the result with all participant


Develop a template for industry consultation

- BLTI has our own industry consultation report template.The completed reports are valuable evidence of consultation to share with other trainers and managers to inform our training and assessment strategies and assessment validation.




6. Foster our Industry network

BLTI keep our industry network informed about our training and assessment and how their input has made a difference. We aslo invite them to come in to speak to our students and staffs about new trends or specialist skills. Moreover, we would really appreciate if they can show us their facility as well as advanced equipment or techniques.